Care Instructions

At Hello Sparkle we want our accessories to always look as good as the day you bought them. Let’s be honest though, sometimes we don’t always take care of our jewels like we should.

Accessories may be broken or damaged if they are dropped, mistreated, stored incorrectly or come in contact with beauty products and water.  

How should I take my earrings off?

Take care when removing the earring back off the earring to prevent the earring back dislodging. Ensure that earrings are removed over a soft surface like carpet in case the accidentally fall.

What should I avoid?

Please avoid your earrings having direct contact with perfumes, cosmetics, hair products, moisturisers and water.

How do I clean my accessories?

Your accessories can be easily cleaned using a clean, soft jewellery polishing cloth.

How should I store my accessories?

Your earrings should be stored in a cool, dry and clean place. An earring board is the ideal way to store earrings. These boards ensure that your jewels dont scratch, get squashed and that all tassels and dangles are hanging correctly to avoid mishaps. 

We do not recommend our products for use by children under the age of 3 due to risk of choking as most of our products include small pieces. Use of items on children should always be under supervision. Ink Jewel Designs will not be held responsible for any misuse of our products.